We came very close to a very large YELLOW FIN TUNA but then had to settle to  a nice DORADO seen in the picture with Jeffery.


Frank and Maryann caught his biggest ever YELLOW FIN TUNA today. several other tuna were seen jumping out  of he water, known as busting, but no more were caught. They will still be there !

Click on pic for a bigger version


We had two ladies on board today, Morgan and Matalie. We we  saw BLUE MARLIN and YELLOW FIN TUNA but all were elusive.

A SAILFISH then obliged which Matalie brought to the boat after giving away a great deal of line. We lifted the fish onto the boat very briefly and then watched it swim […]


 Sasu from Finland had a good day –   two YELLOW FIN TUNA  and ONE SAILFISH., both very good fish The YFT weighed 150 lbs and 80  lbs. Click on the pics to see a bigger version. […]


This weekend is goo d. A full moon and a Best Fishing Day in the Almanac.

We caught a YELLOW FIN TUNA   weighing 100 LBS and lost a second which stole our bait.

We have a few more days yet to catch more like the one in our picture.





This was a jolly trip for me, George the Crew and our mate Steve.  We chased YELLOW FIN TUNA for a couple of hours, found birds, porpoises and flying fish. But no YFT.

At last we hooked a SAILFISH which gave a very good account of itself, with two fishermen on the fishing deck and […]


First we had a SAILFISH, not the biggest fish in the sea but still a bill fish. Picture in this report.

We then spent a along time chasing porpoises, flying fish, birds and a few YELLOW FIN TUNA. At last we hooked a tuna and lost it. Great disappointment all round.

On the way home […]


Makes a change from yellow fin tuna !

Today we aught a feisty little SAILFISH. It took line strongly and fought all the way back to the boat. Guess about 50 lbs



Steve came from the USA determined to catch some fish.  Luckily we did.

A good run of YELLOW FIN TUNA gave Steve his chance and before long he boated a great specimen which weighed 125 lbs back on the land.

Next day we all went fishing on the Little Boat, including Steve’s wife Martha, and […]


All Summer we tried to catch  a big YELLOW FIN TUNA and today we did it. A mighty fish estimated at 170 lbs caught on 130 lb tackle.

George The Crew had his friend Godfrey along  with us on the boat and he was invited to do the muscle work.  I later told Godfrey that […]